Ridgetec Lookout DUAL 4G LTE Cellular Surveillance System


Ridgetec Lookout DUAL 4G LTE Cellular Camera for AT&T and Verizon Networks

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The all new Lookout DUAL combines both AT&T and Verizon access into one camera. There is no need to worry over which carrier that you may need for your location. The Lookout Dual ships with both an AT&T and a Verizon sim. It is certified to operate naively on both AT&T and Verizon networks. The plan cost is the same regardless of the carrier you choose.

This camera will ship with an AT&T sim until August 2019 when the Verizon sims arrive. If you order prior to August 15, the cameras will ship with only the AT&T sim (Your Verizon sim will be sent after August 15).

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Camera Features:

  • Wireless Cellular operation at true 4G LTE speeds with 3G fallback
  • Advanced two-way communication puts you in control of your camera(s). Interactive Action Queue and real time Remote Control features allow for a balance in two-way communication while controlling battery consumption.
  • The first month is 100% free. On initial setup, simply claim the FREE month of full service
  • Rate Plans start at $8.95/month. No contract, pay as you go. You activate your plan on our portal. No outside service or 3rd party is involved. Its a one click, simple process. A SIM card is included.
  • Single Plan with a unique and intuitive Image Points system.
  • Includes FREE RidgeTec web portal and mobile applications. The Lookout is compatible with all modern browsers and both Android and iOS. It is the premiere camera and media management solution. You are now able to manage your cameras like never before, with advanced two-way communications and control features. Control your cameras via the web or on the mobile app. View images immediately, not hours or days later. The RidgeTec Web Portal features camera and media management, camera settings, camera delivery options (email and mobile notifications), plus firmware OTA (Over-The-Air) update, Rate Plan Management, consolidated billing for multiple camera data plans.
  • All-in-One design and standalone Installation provide the most flexibility to users. The Lookout is powered by 12 AA or portable DC power and fully weatherproof to withstand the elements.
  • Industry leading 2-Year warranty.

Camera Specifications:

Cellular 4G LTE with 3G fallback
Carrier AT&T 4G LTE with 3G fallback | Verizon 4G LTE
Photo 12 MP photos
Video High Definition 1080p video with audio
Invisible Infrared 54 No Glow High Output Black Flash LEDs
Image Sensor Low motion blur night imaging sensor
Screen 2.4″ True TFT viewer screen
Operation PIR (motion), Time-Lapse Mode programmable
Programmable Duty Times (by day by hour)
Trigger Speed 0.4 Sec Photo and Video
Quiet Time 0 Sec – 60 Min
Exposure Auto IR light metering
Photo Mode:
Upload: 4 standard upload resolutions, with High-Res Max (2MP) and Original (SD card) on request
Quality: 3 Quality level settings to balance bandwidth, battery, image quality
Burst: 1 to 3 sequence with variable interval
Video Mode
Duration: 2 – 30 Sec (transmitted)
Sound: sound recording optional
Capture: 4 upload resolutions, photo sent, video on request (saves cost and battery)
Frame Rates: 4,6,8,10,12,15,30 fps
Quality: Configurable from 1 to 13
Standard Features
Multi-zone PIR detection : 90′ +
Ultra-Low power consumption
Stamp Date, Time, Temperature, and Moon Phase
External memory up to 64 GB
External power 12V adaptable (external cable sold separately)
6-digit password protection
Live Preview for positioning assistance
on-screen photo and video playback
Menu Driven Setup with on-board self diagnostics
Compact innovative design in Camo
Low battery indicator
Supports higher gain cellular antennas
Requires 12 AA Internal Batteries
1 year standard warranty
2 year warranty if registered within 30 days of purchase

Additional information

Weight 32 oz
Dimensions 10 × 8 × 5 in

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